A sociopath trying to be nice with people

2011-04-01 17:08:32 by Thulcandra

That's me.
I've been checking my artwork here in NG and I've seen a lot of new comments...so though many are from some months ago, I'm trying to reply all of them. Sorry if I'm a little bit dull, but sometimes I have no words to response you xD All I can do is to be grateful for your interest. And of course all kind of reviews are welcome! Even if they are to criticize me strongly. I assume. All.

That's all for today...and to finish this quick update, here's another tattoo: MORBID TALES. Play it loud!

Til next time.

A sociopath trying to be nice with people


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2011-05-10 05:00:11

Till next time, I say that too.
I'm liking the tat there and your artwork always intrigues me. I haven't been putting up stuff so maybe I ought to start being active as well. I can't wait to see your next work, I'll definitely give you a comment there too. See ya then. ;)

Thulcandra responds:

Hey thanks! You should upload more art, you have some cool pieces on your NG page ;)


2011-05-16 12:48:52

Do you have another collection of just tattoos?