Just a little point...

2011-03-22 19:05:28 by Thulcandra

I've just seen a nice bunch of comments pending to be accepted here, in the past entries. So sorry people, I must be sillier than I expected, or at least a little blind, because I haven't seen them til' now, lol. Anyway, they're all showed now. I'm not going to response everyone because have passed a lot of months, so it would be 'weird', hehe. But I must say: thanks everybody! Much appreciated. All.

And well...I'll be disconnected for a month or something, I'm inmersed in a hard-and-boring work for an editorial (writing, not drawing -sigh-) so I almost haven't got time for anything else. Neither to sleep...

Sooo...that's all folks! Hugs n' hectoliters of beer (preferably Belgian).


Just a little point...


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2011-03-22 19:07:52

We all need a little break once in awhile.