News from the Otherside: Art Commissions!

2010-11-15 14:59:11 by Thulcandra

Does your band need a cover? Are you interested in any of my illustrations? Or maybe you need an specific design? Well, here I am!
From now I'm open to accept art commissions; I don't care the genre (gore, erotic, portrait, cartoon...) nor the media (pencil/charcoal, acrylics, watercolours, ink, digital...), so feel free to contact me to ask for anything!
I guarantee quick response, quick results (your request can be easily done in a few days) and UG prices!

*Check my artwork section to see some examples or visit My Blog: Visions of Carnage and Impurity
*Send me a PM through NG or contact me at

News from the Otherside: Art Commissions!


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2010-11-23 19:05:11

hey female! makescat porn!

Thulcandra responds:

Er...uh...nice concept. Or something.


2010-11-27 20:05:39

I fucking love your artwork!

Thulcandra responds:

Thanks a lot, dude! :D


2011-03-10 00:42:31

love your work. might ask for a harley quinn... Cheers

Thulcandra responds:

Thanks! Feel free to contact me anytime you need it.